‘Whoever was convicted is the President of the Republic, whoever fought against corruption lost his mandate’, says jurist

Earlier this week, a decision by the Superior Electoral Court (TSE) revoked the mandate of federal deputy Deltan Dallagnol (Podemos-PR) – in a lawsuit filed by the PT and other leftist parties.

During the reading of the opinion, the magistrate Benedito Gonçalves, rapporteur of the case, argued that Dallagnol tried to circumvent the Justice, by leaving the Public Ministry during the period in which, according to Gonçalves, he was responding to administrative processes, and that could result in conviction, transforming -o in “dirty record”. “Maneuver to circumvent the ineligibility”, he said.

In an interview with the West Without Filter program , jurist Ives Gandra Martins stated that he considers the decision “unacceptable” because the administrative processes involving the former Lava Jato prosecutor had not even been started – they would have just been started.

For Martins, the impeachment of Dallagnol also has negative repercussions abroad, since the Lava Jato operation was praised for its fight against corruption in all developed countries in the world, where “there are full democracies”.

The jurist also argues that there should be a more forceful demonstration by the Public Ministry in defense of Deltan Dallagnol ‘s mandate . Among the reasons listed by him are the belief that most Brazilians are against corruption in power, and for this reason there is a need for symbols that can bring back the pride of having a country in which the Powers function legitimately.