‘Who puts money in Gabigol’s pocket is the Flamengo fan

‘Who puts money in Gabigol’s pocket is the Flamengo fan,’ says Pilhado after the striker’s ironic applause

Player got hurt in the second half and didn’t like to hear booing from the stands


The Flemish striker Gabigol did not have a great journey on Sunday afternoon, 17, against São Paulo, for the first game for the Brazil Cup.  After feeling his thigh in the second half, the red-black shirt 10 asked to leave and left the field under booing.

Contrary, he ironically applauded the crowd, who became even more enraged.

“He leaves mocking the red-black fan. I like the controversial ones, I value those who say what they think. Now, who puts money in Gabigol’s pocket is this fan. So, he can’t make fun of the Flamengo fan,” said the presenter Pilhado, at Canelada. “He was very booed, and keeps laughing at the Flamengo fans. He’s an idol, I say he’s among the three biggest. But he can get burned, no one is bigger than a club.” Commentator Vampeta agreed with his bench mate, saying that “it’s time to keep quiet and work”.

Pilhado also pointed out that players like Ronaldo, Ronaldinho Gaúcho, Pelé and Zico never made fun of the fan. “I know that Gabigol is a dams, but he’s crossing the line. […] The guy is paying R$4,500. You can boo, criticize.”


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