Welcome to a new world, we are running out of time.

By Laiz Rodrigues
Editor: The Hotspotorlando

To those who are still afraid

I was born many years ago. When I arrived on Earth, I found a world in peace, not too many cars, not too many people. Just enough. In Brazil, we had Militarism, and everyone succeeded. No crime, almost none, no corruption, injustice happened but there was time to fix it. Criminals belonged in jail, children in school, there were boys and girls, man and women, anything different was their business, not ours, and we always respected each other, laughed together. The biggest victory was to pass on the college admission test, and become an honorable stand up citizen. There was honor, respect, justice, Family, religion, no bullying. It was almost the perfect world. Then time started passing, the anxiety about how to change, how to create alternative solutions, and it is all good, but nobody imagined how were we willing to go? And how far.

I think, and that is my opinion, I would take slower progress at anytime, if I knew what was to come. Ask yourself how many Hurricanes, Earthquakes, tornadoes, and tsunamis we had in the 60’s or 70’s? How many alcoholics and drug addiction cases? How much corruption, crimes against the honor or disrespect to the fla? Humans became liberated! But to do what?

In these 63 years, I see more destruction than I could anticipate. The most Rousseff’s important question: how much of this disastrous sequence of diseases pandemics, destructive behave, crime, self destruction, destruction of the environment, crimes against Nations and greed, did Justice stopped or corrected? How long we are going to look the other way? How much are we willing to loose? There is very little left, and so much to fix. History is written by tireless people, who are not afraid to cry, shout, or write. Justice is not just in the books, there is a lot of lessons still to be heard and written. The world needs to step back, heal and continue. Evaluate what is important and what is garbage.

What really counts, is what makes us whole, safe and complete. Please, think about it. Take life, protect life. Trust God.


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