‘We live in the country of inversion of values’, says Deltan Dallagnol

Former Federal Prosecutor Deltan Dallagnol publicly complained about the decision of the Superior Electoral Court (TSE) which, on Tuesday 16, revoked his mandate as a federal deputy for the Podemos of Paraná . Surrounded by colleagues from the Chamber, he spoke to the press this Wednesday afternoon, the 17th, in Brasília.

For Dallagnol, who before joining politics became the coordinator of Operation Lava Jato in Curitiba, the opinion on the part of the Electoral Justice represents an understanding of “imaginary ineligibility”. The statement occurs because, according to the rapporteur of the case against him at the TSE, Minister Benedito Gonçalves, the now affiliated with Podemos would have left the Public Ministry to supposedly avoid a possible conviction for impropriety.

In addition, Dallagnol lamented the current political scenario in Brazil. “We live in the country of inversion of values”, he complained. In this sense, the now former federal deputy recalled that the President of the Republic , Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, was convicted by higher courts. The petista, however, was “discondemned”, defined the former prosecutor.

Anderson Scardoelli | Revista Oeste