US did not require proof of vaccine, says Bolsonaro

Former president Jair Bolsonaro said this Wednesday afternoon, 3, that no country he traveled to after the start of the covid-19 pandemic required proof of vaccine. In an interview with Jovem Pan’s Pânico program, he said that the treatment given to heads of state is different from the demands made on ordinary citizens. Bolsonaro had already commented on the operation earlier .

He stated that, on a trip to Europe (he could not remember which country), when he was informed that he would have to present proof of vaccination, he declined. But, after further consultation, he was informed that he was dismissed and boarded.

“The times I traveled around the world, once I went to Italy, if I’m not mistaken, I asked the advisor if the vaccine was required. They said ‘yes’. Then I said: ‘If so, I don’t travel’. Then came the official response that I was exempt from the vaccine.”

Then Bolsonaro added: “The treatment given to heads of state is different from that of ordinary citizens. Everything is arranged in advance, and my trips to the US never required a vaccination card. There is no fraud on my part.” One of the trips to the United States was to participate in the United Nations General Assembly, in September 2021.