Today we are ashamed!

By Laiz Rodrigues

Indignation is a word I don’t like to use very often, but lately is all I feel. It has been eight months of non sense. Negative changes, taxpayer money abuse with new furniture, expensive trips, transparency disappearing and more expenses than we ever had.

The more I read, more alarming signs of a shift of regime I find. The scandalous search to have control of everything, takes us to one conclusion. The plan was meticulously idealized. Even when in jail, nine was in communication and command. The Supreme Court interferences, the assassination of characters, the imprisonment, political persecutions to the right Representatives and the accusation without due process. All part of a plan. The people are mere observers in this horror show. The doubts about the elections will never be answered unless a miracle happens. The Constitution is no longer holding power, there is no guarantee of protection to the people, and whoever dares to complaint, goes to jail without due process. The Democratic guarantees are over, higiene under a rock with lady Justice.

This is no longer Brazil! It is LulaLand! The banquet is served, come and get it! The heads of the right are being served as the main dish, with choices of lies, plots and false accusations as the side dishes, just because, nine wants vengeance, has a globalist agenda and will make more money than ever don’t worry, he is willing to share in exchange for favors. This is it! LulaLand is real, and nobody is doing anything.

Now, we watch the deconstruction of character against an entire family, and not to be repeating all the time, but all journalists are gone, left, it is no longer safe. The list grows, every week. When is this going to end? We don’t know. The people, when scared, don’t voice their opinion, don’t go to the streets, the political population in the chambers, watch the shifts and changes motivated by free money. Wake up! You are on LulaLand camera! Where Justice, Law and order, don’t exist.

So if you are out there, around the world, and read this, say a prayer, understand tha Brazil is shifting, the people are suffering and this is a cry for help. We need real Justice.🌎


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