The lack of respect for tax payers money

CGU points out that Lula’s spending on corporate card surpasses Bolsonaro, Temer and Dilma

The Administration justifies the expenses considering the 19 overseas trips

In the first seven months of his third term, Lula reached a record spending on the corporate card compared to his predecessors, a Folha report revealed. The sum reaches almost R$ 8 million, exceeds the average monthly expenses of Jair Bolsonaro, Michel Temer and Dilma Rousseff, in the same period of their respective mandates.

The figures highlight a monthly average of R$ 1.1 million in the current management, while the averages of Bolsonaro, Temer and Dilma were R$ 1 million, R$ 584 thousand and R$ 905 thousand, respectively, according to information released by the Office of the Comptroller General of the Union (CGU) and presented by the Transparency Portal.

To offer a more detailed overview: in the comparison of the first seven months of management, Bolsonaro accumulated R$ 5.3 million in expenses, while Lula recorded about R$ 8 million. Temer and Dilma had expenses in the order of R$ 3.8 million and R$ 4.9 million, respectively, all duly corrected for inflation.

The Presidential Palace justifies the peak in spending citing the 19 international trips made by Lula during this period. The month of June, specifically, recorded a remarkable figure of almost R$ 2 million in expenses, coinciding with Lula’s state visits to Japan and Italy, in addition to his presence at the coronation of King Charles III in England.

Source: Hora Brasília


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