Texas: Man goes out on a date, kills the flannel and returns as if nothing had happened

A crime with extreme cold blood. In Houston, Texas, United States, a man was arrested after killing a man who pretended to be a valet at a parking lot and applying a scam by charging him $40 to keep the cars.

According to authorities, Erick Aguirre, 29, was on a date with a woman and, upon learning that he had been the target of a scam, went to the vehicle, fetched a gun and killed Elliot Nix, 46. Afterwards, he returned to the restaurant as if nothing had happened.

According to a report by the Washington Post, Erick would have insisted to his companion that “everything was fine” when he returned for the meeting. Only later, when Houston police released photos collected by the surveillance system to the local news, did the woman recognize Erick and turn him over to authorities.

She said she was “shocked to see a picture of herself on the news and to learn that she was a person of interest” in the investigation, her attorney Rick DeToto told the Washington Post. DeToto also said that the companion voluntarily spoke with the police after seeing the photos. “She was simply having dinner with the defendant and was unaware of the shooting,” he said.

Leo Vilhena | Rede GNI