Telegram is banned in Brazil

The suspension takes effect this Wednesday, the 26th. The messaging application Telegram did not deliver to the Federal Police all the data requested by the corporation on neo-Nazi groups on the platform, and the court ordered telephone operators and app stores to remove the application from air immediately.

According to the PF Intelligence Directorate, the telephony companies Vivo, Claro, Tim and Oi and Google and Apple, responsible for the Playstore and App Store application stores, will receive the official letter on the suspension of Telegram this Wednesday afternoon. (26).

Telegram even delivered part of the data requested by the PF on Friday (21), after asking for an intervention by the judiciary.

The corporation, however, wants contacts and data of the members and administrators of a group with neo-Nazi content, and Telegram did not provide the phone numbers.

In addition to determining the suspension of the application, the Court increased the fine imposed on Telegram for not delivering the data from R$ 100,000 to R$ 1 million per day for refusing to provide the data.

The  g1 report  triggered Telegram, but was waiting for the return until publication.