Supreme Court elects Nunes Marques as effective minister of the Superior Electoral Court

The plenary of the Federal Supreme Court (STF) elected Minister Kassio Nunes Marques to the position of effective member of the Superior Electoral Court (TSE) until 2025. With the retirement of Minister Ricardo Lewandowski, a vacancy was opened for the electoral body.

Since August 2021, Nunes Marques has served on the Electoral Court as a substitute minister and, from now on, he takes over as an effective minister

According to the Constitution, the Superior Electoral Court is composed of at least seven effective justices: three from the STF, two from the Superior Court of Justice (STJ) and two jurists appointed by the President of the Republic — among the prerogatives for choosing of the president are: notable legal knowledge, moral suitability — from a triple list with indications from the STF.

Vacancy for Nunes Marques was opened with Lewandowski’s retirement

Minister Ricardo Lewandowski, more closely aligned with the PT in recent decades , ended his activities at the STF at the age of 74. He asked for his career to be brought forward in March of this year and his request was accepted, in a request signed by Lula, the same person who appointed him to the Court 17 years ago. The decree was published on April 6, in the Official Gazette of the Union.

In his career since former First Lady Marisa Letícia recommended him to the Supreme Court in 2006, Lewandowski was responsible for several decisions that directly benefited left-wing politicians, especially those linked to the PT . At the time, the party was experiencing its first major crisis, with its image scratched by Mensalão.

It was precisely at the trial of Criminal Action 470, on the Mensalão gang, that Lewandowski began to draw attention. He freed former PT president José Genoino from the accusation of having acted to corrupt parliamentarians in the scheme.

The magistrate also stated that no evidence was collected that former Chief of Staff José Dirceu, appointed as “the head of the Mensalão gang”, coordinated or participated in the criminal action.