Supreme Court creates a Journalism Award

Supreme Court creates award to recognize positive coverage on the Judiciary

The Federal Supreme Court (STF) announced the creation of a Judiciary National Journalism Award The award will be given to media outlets that illustrate the “role of the Judiciary in promoting citizenship”.

The goal of the award, as detailed by the Supreme Court, is to “improve the understanding of society and the press about the operation of the Supreme Court and the higher courts, emphasizing its social and constitutional relevance”. The court thus aims to enhance the interaction of the media in the “public debate of judicial issues” and strengthen ties between the courts, always emphasizing the defense of democracy and legislation.

The president of the Supreme Court, Minister Rosa Weber, stressed that the award also aims to honor the Brazilian press commitment to democracy.

Candidates for the award should emphasize in their work the “legal action of the Supreme Court or the vital role of the Federal Constitution in the preservation of rights and democratic structure”. The winner will be awarded a trophy and a certificate endorsed by the presidents of the courts.


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