Senate wing sees Supreme Court over run and prepares reaction to Court judgments

Senate wing sees ‘run over’ of the Supreme Court and prepares reaction to Court judgments

After the president of the House, Rodrigo Pacheco (PSD-MG), presents PEC that criminalizes possession and possession of drugs, parliamentarians discuss approving projects on union tax, abortion and time frame

Senate leaders prepare a response to trials that are on the Federal Supreme Court (STF) agenda, under the justification that the Court invades the prerogatives of the National Congress. The movement gained strength after the Senate president Rodrigo Pacheco (PSD-MG) presented a Proposed Amendment to the Constitution (PEC) to criminalize any possession or possession of drugs – the ministers discuss, in court, the decriminalization of possession for personal use.

On another front, parliamentarians also discuss the possibility of discussing projects on abortion, since the president of the Supreme Court, Minister Rosa Weber, released an action for trial Of 2017 that can decriminalize abortion in pregnant women up to 12 weeks pregnant. The analysis of the case, however, still has no date to occur.

“Who is interested in legalizing abortion? Another classic judicial activism of the Supreme Court disrespecting Parliament and our population, by guiding the ADPF 442, which aims to release abortion by the 12th week. All this is driven by pure ideological militancy typical of an increasingly political court, in an affront to the prerogatives of the National Congress, which has never omitted itself on this subject,” wrote Senator Eduardo Girão in his profile on X (former Twitter)

. “The Senate has already begun to react against the will in the decriminalization of drug possession and will also do so in relation to life from conception,” he added. Senator Jorge Seif (PL-SC) used social networks to defend the PEC presented by Pacheco. The former secretary of Aquaculture and Fisheries of the Bolsonaro government said that the proposal is the “response to Brazilian society, which also does not want the decriminalization of drugs”. “We remain firm in the defense of life, the family and a free society, which will not be imprisoned in drugs and their lethal consequences,” says the publication of the parliamentarian, who also used the hashtag #drogasnão. Last week, Senator Marcos Rogério (PL-RO) used the tribune of the Senate to criticize the unanimous decision of the Supreme Court that validates the possibility of expropriation of productive lands. In the parliamentarian’s assessment, the court has given decisions that “weaken legal certainty” in the country. “Look at the direction that Brazil is taking. The institute of legal certainty being challenged by the Court that should be the guarantor of legal certainty, but it is from there that decisions that weaken legal certainty are starting,” he summarized.

Marcos Rogério is the rapporteur of the PL of the Marco Temporal. The thesis is also being judged in the Federal Supreme Court, where four of the 11 ministers have already voted against the understanding that the indigenous people can only claim lands they occupied when the promulgation of the 1988 Constitution. Marcos Rogério issued a favorable opinion to the time frame, in an understanding contrary to what has been adopted, at this time, by the majority of ministers who have already voted on the subject. The trial will resume in the Supreme Court on Wednesday, 20. Behind the scenes, leaders of the House discuss the possibility of the Constitution and Justice Commission (CCJ) of the Senate analyzing the text of the parliamentarian of the PL later this week. In an interview with Jovem Pan News, Senator Izalci Lucas (PSDB-DF) said that the articulation of the House aims to “reinforce” that some issues should be debated by Congress. “In practice, the Supreme Court is constituted in the Constituent Assembly to take care of the Constitution, the application of the law, and not to regulate or legislate, as they are doing.

It is up to the Supreme Court to take care of the application of the Federal Constitution. If we are presenting – and we will approve, of course, a constitutional amendment, it is up to the Supreme Court to comply with this. What we are realizing, in this discussion about abortion, about union tax and in the tax area, are invasions of exclusive competences of Congress. This PEC [on drugs] will reinforce, so that there is no doubt, of any judge and no instance, [in the sense of] relativizing the consumption and possession of drugs. We will approve before the resumption of the trial in the Supreme Court,” he said.

Source: Jovem Pan


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