Roberto Jefferson’s state of health in prison is very serious

The state of health of the former federal deputy Roberto Jefferson worsened this Saturday, 3. He has been imprisoned since October last year at the Bangu Penitentiary Complex, in Rio de Janeiro, by determination of the Minister of the Federal Supreme Court (STF) Alexandre de Moraes.

Jefferson developed acute anorexia — he weighs 57 kilos — and fell in his cell on Friday the 2nd. He hit his head and presents a delicate condition, with symptoms of mental confusion, dehydration and refusal to eat. The prison clinic is no longer able to serve him, according to a report by the State Department of Penitentiary Administration (SEAP).

Read the medical report from the Department of Penitentiary Administration below.

Full medical report

  • Patient with mental confusion, Glasgow coma scale 14, reporting hearing voices with messages inconsistent with reality (auditory hallucination), poor general condition, acyanotic, eupneic, anicteric, pale, dehydrated, food refusal. He has a hematoma in the left frontal region. Weight today 57.5kg – Weight in NOV/2022 74kg;
  • Patient needs tomographic evaluation of the skull followed by neurosurgical evaluation on an urgent basis due to possible head trauma resulting from a fall;
  • You should perform screening tests for recurrence of neoplasms. I request that such examinations be carried out as quickly as possible due to the progressive worsening of the patient’s general condition, as well as his weight loss;
  • I request that he be supervised by a health team to regularly take his medications. Patient is possibly making irregular use of them due to his weakened mental state;
  • The patient’s weight loss may be due to depression, exacerbation of hypothyroidism due to irregular use of Levothyroxine or even due to recurrence of Neoplasia;
  • SEAP does not have the means to offer the patient proper compliance with the measures mentioned above. We highlight that we do not have tomographic image exams, tumor markers for Neoplasm screening and thyroid hormone dosage.