Rescue teams continue to recover the bodies of victims in eastern Libya

Rescue teams continue to recover the bodies of victims in eastern Libya

In the last 72 hours, a total of 450 bodies were rescued, which were under rubble in Derna, east of the country

The work teams have rescued in the last 72 hours a total of 450 bodies under the rubble in Derna, in eastern Libya, the city most affected by Cyclone Daniel, which left at least 7,000 dead and 10,000 missing, as reported by the head of the commission for the search and identification of missing persons, Kamal Al-Siwul.

International aid continues to arrive and the emergency commission created by the Government of National Unity (GNU), based in Tripoli and recognized by the international community, announced the arrival of more than 38 planes and five humanitarian ships from 16 countries around the world. By order of the Presidential Council, which functions as head of state, the Attorney General’s Office appointed experts and engineers to investigate the rupture of two dams that dumped 33 million liters of water in the center of this city, and destroyed neighborhoods, bridges and roads.

“Strong and deterrent measures will be taken against those involved in the Derna disaster, which took the lives of thousands of people,” prosecutor Al-Siddiq Al-Sur said. In turn, the director of the National Center for Disease Control, Haider Al-Sayeh, reported having recorded at least 55 cases of contaminated water, which may represent a public health problem. The City Hall of this locality warned of the danger of groundwater contamination. By ingesting this water, survivors are exposed to diseases such as diarrhea and cholera, and also dehydration.

The humanitarian aid sent so far is a “drop in the ocean,” lamented Unicef, calling on donors to raise 67 million euros to cover the needs of 250,000 victims during a quarter. Despite the urgency of the situation, the authorities in conflict failed to unify their policies, which some analysts describe as “chaotic management”, although both separately requested humanitarian aid last Monday and jointly declared three days of national mourning.

Source: Jovem Pan


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