Policy Dismantling: fight for vacancies in the Supreme Court, PGR and Justice causes confusion on PT base and allies

Dismantling: fight for vacancies in the Supreme Court, PGR and Justice causes confusion on PT base and allies
In recent days, PT has raised the pressures to grab at least part of the vacancies that will open in the Judiciary.
The legend efforts reach the two main seats that will open in the coming weeks: the Attorney General’s Office (PGR)command and the Rosa Weber vacant position in the Federal Supreme Court (STF). And they also extend to the Ministry of Justice, depending on the design that is chosen by the president.

Behind the scenes, the pressures launched by PT already cause discomfort and irritation in the allied base, in groups linked to the legal area and among ministers of higher courts. There are complaints about the party’s attempt to control all indications and increase its power over the judiciary.

For the PGR, the party has as its favorite the deputy prosecutor Antonio Carlos Bigonha. But, in the face of the nods in the direction of the also deputy prosecutor Paulo Gonet, the PT have concentrated much of their efforts on the choice of the new minister of the Supreme Court. The bet is that Lula will make a married negotiation for the two vacancies.

In the Supreme Court, the fight is more intense. Determined to placate in the vacancy the attorney general of the Union, Jorge Messias, the party has seen an increase in recent days the speculation around the name of Flávio Dino for the vacancy.

Both ministers of the Supreme Court and jurists linked to Lula reported to CNN conversations with the president pointing to a possible appointment of the minister of Justice and Public Security. There is no hammer hit, but, according to the sources, there is already talk of Dino’s favoritism.

Dino is affiliated with the PSB, which has just lost the Ministry of Ports and Airports to the Republicans. The party hopes to maintain control of the folder in the case of an indication of Dino, but the PT is already starting to ventilate names for the post. Lula’s party also talks about dividing the portfolio again, indicating a new holder in court and leaving the Public Security chair to the PSB.

For Justice, sectors of the PT are already talking about putting Messiah in the chair. But even Gleisi Hoffmann’s name was on the list. The national president of the PT has a degree in Law and would help dispel the negative repercussion with the reduction of women’s seats in the Supreme Court. But the leader’s career has less to do with the Judiciary and more with the student movement and in the public administration. In addition, Lula indicated the beginning of the government that prefers Gleisi in charge of the party.

Under reservation, a minister of the Supreme Court told CNN that he considered that the choice of the new PGR will be the most complicated in the package. The profile of Augusto Aras’ replacement can determine all the rest of the chair dance.

Source: CNN Brazil/ Terra Brasil


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