PGR asks for Moro’s sentence to prison for statement on ‘Gilmar Mendes’ purchase of habeas corpus’

The Attorney General’s Office (PGR) denounced Senator Sergio Moro (União Brasil-PR) to the Federal Supreme Court (STF) for slander he allegedly committed against Minister Gilmar Mendes — whom he accused of selling habeas corpus . In a note, the former Lava Jato judge said that the complaint was presented in a “hasty” and “baseless” way .

On Friday, a short video of the senator and former Lava Jato judge went viral on left-wing profiles . In the excerpt, with less than ten seconds, Moro appears laughing and talks about “buying a habeas corpus from (Supreme Court Minister) Gilmar Mendes”.

In the excerpt, Moro responds to a female voice:

“No, that’s bail. Institute to buy a habeas corpus from Gilmar Mendes — he says.

In the complaint, Deputy Attorney General of the Republic Lindôra Maria Araújo claims that Moro committed the crime of slander against the STF minister by suggesting that the magistrate practices passive corruption. For this reason, Lindôra asks for the loss of the senator’s mandate if the sentence exceeds four years in prison.

“The accused SERGIO FERNANDO MORO issued the statement in public, in the presence of several people, with the knowledge that he was being recorded by a third party, which facilitated the dissemination of the slanderous statement, which became public on April 14, 2023, gaining wide repercussions in the national press and in the social networks of the World Wide Web”, says the PGR.

The body also asks that a minimum amount be set for Gilmar to be compensated, “considering the damage suffered”.

Also according to the deputy PGR, “by falsely attributing the practice of the crime of passive corruption to the Minister of the Federal Supreme Court GILMAR FERREIRA MENDES, the accused SERGIO FERNANDO MORO acted with the clear intention of tarnishing the image and objective honor of the offended party, trying to discredit his performance as a magistrate of the highest court in the country”.

The crime of slander is provided for in the Penal Code, and has a prison sentence of six months to two years and a fine. This penalty may be increased if the slander is pronounced against a public official, due to their duties, or against the Presidents of the Federal Senate, the Chamber of Deputies or the Federal Supreme Court. In addition, it can be aggravated if it occurs in the presence of several people, or by means of facilitating the dissemination of slander, defamation or slander.

In a note, Moro’s press office states that “the fragments of the video edited and released by third parties do not reveal any accusation against Minister Gilmar Mendes”.

“Senator Sergio Moro has always spoken respectfully in relation to the Federal Supreme Court and its Ministers, even when provoked or contradicted. hear the Senator in advance”, says the text.

Mariana Muniz