MPF confirms legality of Lava Jato’s conduct in evidence against Odebrecht

MPF confirms legality of Lava Jato’s conduct in evidence against Odebrecht

The Internal Affairs Office of the Federal Public Prosecutor’s Office (MPF) attested to the regularity of the actions of Operation Lava Jato related to Odebrecht’s evidence, according to documents obtained by CNN.

The then auxiliary magistrate, prosecutor Raquel Branquinho, assured that “there was compliance with internal legislation and integrated into the Brazilian legal system by international treaties and agreements […] there was no irregular conduct”.

However, Minister Dias Toffoli did not use these results when he decided to annul the evidence of Odebrecht’s leniency agreement. Asked, Toffoli said he will officially position himself in the process. In response, the National Association of Prosecutors (ANPR) filed an appeal.

The origin of the inquiry came from a request by Minister Ricardo Lewandowski of the Supreme Court, after questions arose about international cooperation and the integrity of the evidence of the agreement with Odebrecht.

The records of the inquiry show that the company was responsible for providing the evidence and there was a request to share evidence with Switzerland, in addition to the fact that the current legislation allows informal communication between prosecutors. After analysis, the then magistrate general of the MPF, Elizeta Maria de Paiva Ramos, decided to file the case and informed Minister Lewandowski about her decision.

Source: jovem Pan


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