Lula’s revenge against those who obeyed the law

JR Guzzo , published in the newspaper  O Estado de S. Paulo  on May 17, 2023)

The joint operation between the Lula government and the courts of the high judiciary to dismantle democracy in Brazil through administrative acts has just taken a new step, one of its most aggressive so far. In this case, they used one of their favorite weapons: the annulment of the will of the population, expressed in votes in elections organized by themselves. Who disagrees with us elected any strong name for Congress ? No problem: our electoral police revoke the mandate that the people gave them and everything is resolved. And if another troublesome deputy appears further ahead? The same remedy applies.

The impeachment of federal deputy Deltan Dallagnol , the most voted in the State of Paraná, is a gross insult to the freedom of choice of Brazilian voters – an elementary right in any democratic system. More than that, it is a clear and objective example of the main tool that the left will use, in this gradual destruction of democracy, to solve the general problem of elections – the removal of the mandates of opponents in “electoral justice”. Never mind the insanity of the decisions. In this case, in a country where the President of the Republic was convicted of crimes of corruption and money laundering in three instances, and by nine different magistrates, Dallagnol was impeached based on the Clean Record Law— although he has not been convicted of anything, neither when he presented his candidacy nor now, and his record is much cleaner than Lula’s. But the TSE decided that he might be punished in the future, and then his record would be dirty; in this case, so as not to have any problems later on, the mandate is withdrawn today.

They made this excuse; they could, in fact, have given any excuse they wanted, because the fact is that nobody there is the least bit interested in complying with any law. Deputy Dallagnol was not tried; his judgment did not take 1 minute, which shows the degree of seriousness with which the TSE treated his case. He was also not impeached because of the Clean Record Law, or for any other legal reason. He was impeached because he was the main promoter of Operation Lava Jato, and this is a serious political crime in the Brazil of Lula and his partners in the judicial apparatus. It is not enough for them to have completely liquidated the biggest operation against corruption that has ever been carried out in the history of this country – and taken all the thieves out of jail. The time has come, with Lula in the presidency, to take revenge on those who complied with the law and worked on their convictions.