Lula’s minister uses his position to set a political agenda in his home state

The Minister of the Special Secretariat for Communication (Secom), Paulo Pimenta, has prioritized an intense agenda with commitments related to Rio Grande do Sul. From January to early May, Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva’s minister made room for at least 40 commitments related to his home state, including events or meetings with representatives of various sectors of Rio Grande do Sul.

The meetings on the agenda, however, were not directly related to the work carried out by Secom. The list ranges from bridge openings to meetings with highway patrol officers, lawyers and hospital providers.

The allies, heard by the Folha de S.Paulo newspaper , attribute Pimenta’s move to the minister’s political intentions. They bet on the dispute for the government of Rio Grande do Sul or the Senate in 2026, or even the prefecture of Santa Maria, in 2024.

Lula’s minister’s agenda

On May 5, the minister participated in a social forum on the outskirts of Porto Alegre. From there, he went on to an event at Grupo Hospitalar Conceição, the largest public hospital network in southern Brazil. He also attended the launch of the parliamentary front to combat fake news , in the capital of Rio Grande do Sul. In Santa Maria, his hometown, the head of Secom unveiled the opening tape of a health unit.

On May 6, the minister carried out an agenda in the city where he was councilor, including visiting fairs and meeting with representatives of the Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Services.

“My Saturday was full of agendas in Santa Maria, the heart of Rio Grande do Sul. We found friends and companions, we dialogued with the city’s productive sectors, affirming our commitment to the development of Brazil and our municipality”, he wrote, at the time, on social networks .

In Brasília, Pimenta dedicated part of his time last week to meetings with politicians from Rio Grande do Sul.

On Wednesday the 10th, he promoted a meeting between Minister Renan Filho (Transport) and politicians from Rio Grande do Sul to discuss “demands” of the Rio Grande do Sul state. On the same day, Pimenta received three other parliamentarians from Rio Grande do Sul.

What does the minister say?

According to Secom, the minister has been working 12 to 15 hours a day for almost four months. “During this period, it received people from all over Brazil,” said the secretariat, in a statement. “It is natural that the only minister from Rio Grande do Sul in the federal government receives state representatives in his cabinet.”