Lawyers who worked for Telegram in Brazil leave the company

The Campos Thomaz & Meirelles Advogados Associados office stopped providing legal services to Telegram Brasil. With the breakup, the platform is left without legal representatives in the country.

In a note, the firm stated that “Telegram only established a direct service provision relationship with Campos Thomaz & Meirelles Advogados” — the link between the parties existed since March 2022.

Almost two weeks ago, Minister Alexandre de Moraes , of the Federal Supreme Court, had determined the subpoena of Alan Campos Elias Thomas, as the application’s legal representative. At the time, the magistrate ordered the removal of messages sent to users with content unfavorable to PL 2630, in addition to banning the application from sales platforms.

“Alan Thomaz is a partner at Campos Thomaz & Meirelles Advogados and did not and does not have a direct relationship with Telegram, only indirectly providing legal advice on Brazilian legislation through his office,” said the firm.

The case involving Telegram

The whole process involving the application started because of an article in which Telegram defended the rejection of PL 2630/2020 by the Brazilian Legislative; the company was targeted by the federal government. According to the government, the app spread “attacks” and “false information”.