Italy will give Ukraine all necessary support: PM

At the early press conference for this Saturday (20), Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni reiterated her government’s support for Ukraine on account of the war. The Chief Executive returns to her country from the G7 meeting today due to the destruction caused by the rains in the Emilia-Romagna region.

“Ukraine can count on Italian support 360 degrees. In these two days, we have shown our point of view. We believe that we must continue to do our work to support Ukraine. We will do everything we can, but the hardest work is done by the Ukrainians”, he pointed out.

Meloni also reaffirmed that if the world “had abandoned Ukraine, today we would live in chaos”.

Regarding the anticipation of returning to Italy, the prime minister stated that she can no longer remain distant “in such a complex moment” because “we need to work personally to provide the necessary answers”.

“I want to thank the five thousand people who are lending a hand, as all the ministers are doing too. My conscience imposes me to return”, he pointed out, pointing out that the meeting of the Council of Ministers next Tuesday (23) will approve provisions and decrees for the region.

Italian government sources report that Meloni should go to Emilia-Romagna this Sunday (21) to see the damage of the tragedy that, so far, has killed 14 people and left more than 36,600 people homeless.

In addition to the two topics, the Italian premier spoke about the next G7 meeting, which will take place in Italy in 2024. The policy revealed that the meeting will take place in the second half of June, “after the European vote”, and that the chosen city is in Puglia region. (ANSA).