In a decisive letter, Pacheco can place the impeachment of an STF minister

In a decisive letter, Pacheco can place for consideration by the Senate the impeachment of a Supreme Court minister
By Gonçalo Mendes Neto.

Rodrigo Pacheco’s dream was to be awarded a seat in the Federal Supreme Court (STF). In pursuit of this goal he has been extremely subservient to the system. Today he has already realized that he doesn’t have the slightest chance of being taken in consideration to the position. With this, at present, Pacheco is very worried about his re-election in 2026.

The senator from Minas Gerais is fully aware that his performance, shielding the magistrates of the supreme court, cost him a gigantic political capital that now puts at serious risk his claim to renew his senatorial mandate.

In this sense, Pacheco recently announced a Proposed Amendment to the Constitution (PEC) to criminalize the possession and possession of illicit substance in any quantity. This PEC frontally contradicts the trend of a judgment of the Federal Supreme Court (STF) on the possession of marijuana.

The initiative was a clear demonstration that the president of the Senate, thinking about the electoral issue, wants to effectively stray from subservience to the togados of the Supreme Court.

Therefore, in search of the rehabilitation of his popularity and the viability of a quiet re-election, he runs a small mouth that will not be a surprise if he decides to take the request for impeachment of a minister of the Supreme Court for consideration by the plenary of the Federal Senate.

Who would that minister be?

He may be the one who has the most impeachment requests against.

Here is the list:

– Alexandre de Moraes – 18 requests for Impeachment

– Luís Roberto Barroso – 11 requests for Impeachment

– Gilmar Mendes – 5 requests for Impeachment

– Carmen Lúcia – 4 requests for Impeachment

– Tóffoli Days – 3 requests for Impeachment

– Luiz Edson Fachin – 3 requests for Impeachment

– Luiz Fux – 3 requests for Impeachment

– Rosa Weber – 2 requests for Impeachment

– Kassio Nunes Marques – 1 request for Impeachment

– André Mendonça – 0 request for Impeachment

– Cristiano Zanin – 0 request for Impeachment

Gonçalo Mendes Neto. Journalist.

Source: Jornal da cidade online


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