Images reveal the panic of Planalto employees minutes before the invasion of scammers

Images recorded by the internal circuit of the Planalto Palace on January 8th show the panic faced by the employees who were working during the invasion of the headquarters of the Executive Power. Minutes before the building was taken, servants ran through the main entrance and hid belongings that were on the reception desk, while the scammers went up the ramp and were contained by the security forces of the place. 

The more than 4,000 hours of recording were made available by the Institutional Security Office (GSI), by order of the Federal Supreme Court (STF). This Sunday, the Federal Police informed the STF that it has not finished analyzing the more than 4,000 hours of recording .

The new video is from 3:05 pm on that Sunday when terrorist demonstrations culminated in the depredation of public property. After the employees panic, who talk to each other and move around the place, police officers pass by the main entrance and tear gas bombs are fired.

At 15:07, a server goes to meet a colleague at the turnstile and then five other employees run towards the interior of the Palace. One of them goes to the reception desk, takes an object and puts it in the drawer.

The movement continues as officials circulate through the main entrance and police officers appear outside trying to contain the demonstrators.