Government buys laboratory insulin from China without Anvisa registration

The Ministry of Health, under the command of Nísia Trindade, is leaving the States with no stock of insulin to care for patients.

In Rio Grande do Sul, the Secretary of Health admitted the problem and said that it is relocating stocks among the cities that most need it.

According to the folder, the responsibility for purchasing and distribution lies with the Ministry of Health. According to a report by the newspaper O Globo, the situation is repeated in Ceará, Acre and Goiás. In Anápolis, patients have not found insulin since February.

Stock is also limited in the states of São Paulo and Rondônia, with fast-acting insulin only sufficient for 45 and 60 days, respectively.

Emergency laboratory purchase from China

In the last two auctions opened by the Ministry of Health, the folder was unable to buy the drug from companies registered with the National Health Surveillance Agency (Anvisa).

In a note published in early April, the ministry admitted that the stock of rapid insulin would run out as of May.

The “solution” found by the government was to open an emergency purchase. That’s what happened on April 20, when the ministry signed an agreement to acquire 1.3 million insulin tubes from China’s Globalx Technology Limited.

The laboratory, however, is not registered with Anvisa. The purchase is contested by the Brazilian Society of Diabetes, which questions the quality of the insulin purchased.

Alert from the Court of Auditors

At the end of March, the Federal Court of Auditors (TCU) warned the ministry about the risk of running out of insulin for diabetes in the states.

The inspection carried out by the Court was opened at the request of the National Congress to investigate any “irregularities existing in the purchases, deliveries and storage of medicines used in the treatment of diabetes”.