CPI advances fiercely and arrives in the “heart” of Amazon NGOs

CPI advances fiercely and arrives in the “heart” of Amazon NGOs

The CPI of NGOs will meet again on Tuesday (19), when it will hear two more directors of NGOs working in the Amazon region.

They are Ritaumaria Pereira, director of the Institute of Man and Environment of the Amazon (Imazon) and Suzana Pádua, director of the Institute of Ecological Research (IPÊ).

The hearings take place at the request of the CPI President, Senator Plínio Valério (PSDB-AM).

In the case of Ipê, the senator claims that the CPI has documentation related to the performance of the NGO as the driver of the process of creating Conservation Units in the Lower Rio Negro. For Plínio Valério it is necessary to have more details about “what exactly the NGO does in these areas, operating with resources, determining the allocation of resources and authorized by whom to participate and conduct this whole process over time”. In the case of Imazon, the president of the CPI claims that the action of the NGO in the Amazon has already been cited in several testimonies collected in the CPI, hence the interest in deepening this information.

Source: Jornal da Cidade


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