Congress prepares new retaliation against actual president Lula. Actual Government can suffer significant losses


By Laiz Rodrigues

Editor in Chief TheHotspotorlando 

The actual government has no support base in the House or Senate and has been target of strong opposition.

Luiz Ignácio da Silva once very popular, today a prisoner in his own government, can’t even afford to be among the people, due to the strong opposition and disapproval. High criticism and rejection are constantly his battle, whom now, is constantly traveling overseas, at taxes payer’s expenses, all thanks to a questionable election process who handed the presidency to a convicted felon.

Now, government has in their agenda, several Provisional Measures due to be voted, all with an expiration tag of June 1st.

The House is looking to shrink the Agricultural Development Office which is under the  President’s Worker’s Party, leaded by leftist minister Paulo Teixeira, and Office of Environment leaded by Marina Silva. The idea is to transfer these offices under the Agricultural Office, as the prior Government had it, but this time around, leaded by a moderate center party, PSD , Social Democratic Party  by Carlos Favaro. These Provisional Measures, if defeated, will cause severe losses to Lula government.

Congress also plans to revitalize the Foundation of National Health FUNASA , which was defunct by Lula and defeat the proposal to amplify the Administrative Council of Fiscal Resources- CARF , and is also working to defeat and minimize the damage of this disastrous Administration. The Actual government  has raised the number of ministerial offices from 23 to 37, raising the budget in Millions. All due to all the promises to offer jobs as bargaining power.

With success defeating these measures, the government would suffer a major blow, making it hard to establish a base in the government, avoiding more economical mistakes.

source of data: CONEXÃO POLÍTICA


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