Ciro Gomes breaks the silence and speaks about Lula

Former Minister Ciro Gomes (PDT) broke the silence of seven months and returned to criticize President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva . On Friday the 12th, during a lecture at the University of Lisbon, in Portugal, the pedetista said that the Chief Executive was not acquitted by the Justice.

“Bloody hell, Lula ended up in jail”, recalled Ciro, in his first statement about the PT since the end of the presidential elections. “Is it possible that we have learned nothing? Or do we believe that Lula was innocent? He was not cleared. Lula had the right to the presumption of innocence restored, it is different from being acquitted in a trial. Why? Because he didn’t have due process. There never was one, and I reported it right away.”

The former minister criticized the fiscal framework, proposed by the Minister of Finance, Fernando Haddad, and said that the government is “completely handed over to bankers”. “Brazil has no plans for anything,” he noted. “Bolsonaro is a tragedy, but, my love, where is the previous project that we had and no longer have? There is no more project for anything.”

Ciro also said that Lula is responsible for “reactionism” in the country and that he is not committed to change. In addition, he criticized the possible appointment of lawyer Cristiano Zanin to the Federal Supreme Court and rejected the release of rapporteur amendments in Congress.

The former minister spared no criticism of former president Jair Bolsonaro , whom he called an “imbecile”, “absolutely unprepared” and a “vulgar little thief”. He added that he would agree to “have a beer” with Lula, but not with Bolsonaro.