censored? ! But we show it to the world!

Are we all going to reproduce the Telegram message that Alexandre de Moraes censored?

Democracy is under attack in Brazil. The Chamber of Deputies is expected to soon vote on PL 2630/2020, which was recently amended to include more than 20 completely new articles that have never been widely debated. See how this bill will kill the modern internet if it passes with its current wording. If approved, companies like Telegram may have to stop providing services in Brazil.

Grants Government Censorship Powers – This bill allows the government to limit what can be said online by forcing apps to proactively remove facts or opinions it deems “unacceptable” [1] and suspending any internet service – without a court order. [two]

For example, the Minister of Justice recently requested sanctions against Telegram, claiming that the application “did not respond to a request” – even before the request was made. If PL 2630/2020 had been in force, the government could have immediately blocked the application as a “preventive measure” until Telegram proved that it did not violate any laws.

Transfers Judicial Powers to Apps – This bill makes digital platforms responsible for deciding what content is “illegal” rather than the courts – and provides overly broad definitions of illegal content. [3]

To avoid fines, platforms will choose to remove any opinions related to controversial topics, especially topics that are not aligned with the views of any government currently in power, which directly puts democracy at risk.

Creates a Permanent Surveillance System – The bill requires platforms to monitor communications and inform law enforcement authorities if they suspect that a crime has occurred or may occur in the future. [4]

This creates a permanent surveillance system, similar to that in countries with undemocratic regimes.

It is Unnecessary – Brazil already has laws to deal with the criminal activities that this bill intends to cover (including attacks on democracy).

The new bill aims to circumvent this legal framework by allowing a single administrative entity to regulate speech without prior independent judicial oversight. [5]

And more! This only scratches the surface of why this new bill is dangerous. That’s why Google, Meta and others have come together to show Brazil’s National Congress why the bill needs to be rewritten – but it won’t be possible without your help.

What You Can Do to Change This – You can speak to your MP here or on social media today. Brazilians deserve a free internet and a free future.


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