Brazil takes five medals in the Paris stage of the Gymnastics World Cup

Brazil takes five medals in the Paris stage of the Gymnastics World Cup
Gold in the Olympics, Rebeca Andrade won silver in the asymmetric bars

The Brazilian team won five medals in the Paris stage of the Artistic Gymnastics World Cup, which ended on Sunday, 17. Rebeca Andrade, Flavia Saraiva, Jade Barbosa, Arthur Nory and Bernardo Miranda secured the Brazilian delegation on the podium.

Current Olympic jumping champion and gold medalist in the overall individual, Rebeca shone in the asymmetric bars and took the silver medal by obtaining the score of 14,600. The gold went to the French Melanie who won 14,700. Flávia Saraiva was also in this dispute, but finished in sixth place with 13,600.

“I am very happy to compete again and this is very important to us. I managed to overcome my challenges, I was fighting with myself to make the new exit. It was very good to feel my body in every movement,” said Rebeca, who gained prominence by using an outlet with a double pirouette.

In the crossbar dispute, Flávia Saraiva scored 13,450 and won the bronze medal, while the highest place on the podium went to the French gymnast Marine Boyer with a score of 13,500. On the women’s floor, the highlight was Jade Barbosa, who with 13,400 secured the silver medal. Flávia was very close to climbing the podium with the score of 13,200, but got the fourth place. Again the French Melanie took the gold with 13,650.

In the last race of the day, the Brazilian delegation still had time to celebrate the arrival of two more medals. Arthur Nory took the silver in the fixed bar with 14,350, followed by Bernardo Miranda, who got bronze when he reached 13,900. The gold went to Tang Chia-Hung, from Taiwuan.

Source: Jovem Pan


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