Bolsonaro criticizes Lula: Drunk and Shameless

Bolsonaro criticizes the number of ministries and Lula a “drunk” and “shameless”

Diógenes Freire Feitosa

This Saturday (16), former President Jair Bolsonaro (PL) went to social networks to criticize the number of ministries created by Lula (PT) and called Lula a “drunk” and “shameless”. Lula has used the ministerial structure as a bargaining chip to grant the support of the “Centrão”.

“Another ministry position created by misrule and continues to throw in the trash everything the country needs to prosper economically, further swelling the public machine and massacring the Brazilian with increased taxes and fees.

How do you have the nerve to talk about zeroing deficit? It’s one fake news after another non-stop,” Bolsonaro said in reference to the newly created Ministry of Entrepreneurship, Microenterprise and Small Business.

The position was given to Márcio França (PSB) after he was taken from the Ministry of Ports and Airports, which stayed with Silvio Costa (Republicans-PE) in exchange for the support of the acronym to the government.

Bolsonaro also compared the number of positions created by the PT with his government and recalled that Brazil already has a billionaire deficit despite Lula having received the country with a historical surplus of R$ 54.1 billion.

“It is also worth mentioning that we have reduced the number of ministries to 23. The drunk has just broken the record by creating one more, in addition to another already invented in recent days, being now 39 to ‘hold’ his unseemly position,” wrote the president on social network X, without mentioning what would be the 39ª position .

Currently, the Lula government is home to 38 ministries, surpassing the record of former President Dilma Rousseff (PT), who even had 37 ministries .

Source: Gazeta do Povo


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