Blocked by Moraes, Judge Ludmila returns to the web on the “Locals” network

Blocked by Moraes, Judge Ludmila returns to the web on the “Locals” network

Ludmila Lins Grilo who a judge sentenced to compulsory retirement for criticizing ministers of the Supreme Court (STF) and removed all her social networks by order of Minister Alexandre de Moraes, returned to making publications on the Internet. This time, she are using the Locals platform and Telegram (VPN)

The social network is also used by Bruno Aiub Monteiro, known as Monark, and Allan dos Santos, both also had their accounts blocked by order of the minister.

On Saturday night (16.Sep.2023), Ludmila published a text in Locals with several criticisms of Moraes. In it, she says that the magistrate “does not accept” criticism.

“1 year ago, you used state force to block my social networks because you can’t stand being criticized. Right. In dictatorships, that’s how it is. Understand, however, one thing. Even blocked, I still have the power to guide whatever I want,” she wrote.

Ludmila states that she continues to publish about “the crimes against humanity committed in Brazil by force and work of the Supreme Court”. According to her, her statements have been endorsed and shared even with the blocks on social networks.

“Understand one thing, Alexandre: the truth is like a tsunami. It’s no use trying to block it with a dam of loose pebbles. I’m coming back, now, blocked or not, to continue guiding everything that the judicial dictatorship wants to hide,” he says.

Ludmila was the holder of the Criminal Court and of Childhood and Youth of Unaí (MG) when she was compulsorily retired in May of this year.

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She became known in January 2021, after criticizing public policies against the covid-19 pandemic and for criticizing ministers of the Supreme Court, especially Moraes and Roberto Barroso. He has already called them “general pursuers of the Republic of Brazil”.
In response, the internal affairs of the CNJ (National Council of Justice) decided to investigate her conduct. Until, in May 2023, the Special Body of the Court of Justice of MG decided on compulsory retirement.

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