Barroso “explains what communism is”

With arrogance, Barroso “explains what communism is” and demonstrates that he does not understand anything about the “minimum sense of words”

On Friday (15) it was the day for Barroso to say something, during the judgment of an exception regarding the acts of January 8.

He explained, in an arrogantly teaching and sarcastic tone, what communism is, and in the end said, verbatim, the following:

“I only make this observation because we need to reestablish, in Brazil, in an important process of pacification, the minimum meaning of words, and face the incultura.”Attentive to the words of barroso regarding the need to reestablish “the minimum sense of the words”, I decided here to analyze one by one the messages he gave at the end of his boring exposition.

1. reestablish, in Brazil, (…): barroso makes it clear that this period of national history is in fact to undo everything that was done in previous years – either by the government of Bolsonaro, or by the awakening of the people. What he, barroso, wants is, for the country to return to the condition it had before. And, by logical conclusion, this “before” can only be one thing: before what existed until the end of last year. Nothing more reactionary than that – and a reactionism starts by one who calls himself a “progressive”;

2. Pacification process: Barroso makes it clear that what is being done is a “pacification” in Brazil, when that very judgment in which he participates makes it clear that what is done is a relentless persecution of the right (especially to bolsonarism);

3. face inculture: barroso makes it clear that in his opinion those who say that there is communism in Brazil are “uncultured” people; it was an elegant way (let’s say) to call the rightists ignorant. And the member of the stf made it clear that it is up to him to face this ignorance – because he has already said other times that he faced, for example: bolsonarism, and defeated it. It should be seen that, when we actually analyze the “minimum meaning of words”, we can extract the context in which they were said, interpreting their real meaning. Really, barroso really thinks that it is up to him (and the other members of the supreme court) to “pacify” society, and “confront” the ignorant – in this case, the political right.

In fact, what exists is a subversive process underway in Brazil. And in this subversive process, the semantic revolution, with the change in the meaning of words (the lexicon) is one of the characteristics. Thus, “defending democracy” is imposing totalitarianism, “anti-democratic acts” are popular political demonstrations, and “terrorists” are ordinary citizens.

Nothing is clearer than Orwellian dystopia, in the well-known expression found in the work 1984: “war is peace, freedom is slavery, ignorance is strength.”In the end, society will be the object of a great social engineering that aims to “re-educate dissidents”, in the sense of making them “learn what democracy is”… That’s what this trial is for.


source: jornal da cidade on-line

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