New Jersey mother, daughter, 9, found axed to death in home

A New Jersey mother and her 9-year-old daughter were found axed to death Wednesday in their Roselle home, and a jealous relative may be to blame, according to reports.

Keisha Morrison, 45, and Kelsey Morrison were wrapped in sheets and stuffed under a bed, according to police.

That morning, Kelsey didn’t show up to school, and no one had heard from her mother.

Keisha’s husband and the girl’s father, Gary Morrison, rushed to the Roselle home to check on them and made the devastating discovery, his sister Atasha Scott told NBC New York.

He also found a bloody ax stuffed between two mattresses in his bedroom.

Gary’s brother, who had been living in the basement, allegedly fled the home in Keisha’s brand new BMW, which authorities tracked to Maryland.

Evory Morrison was arrested there for allegedly stealing the car.

Scott said Evory was recently told he had to move out of the home.

“I can’t go into details exactly what occurred, but I can tell you she was uncomfortable … with him being in the home, in the basement,” she told the local news station.

“This guy was jealous of my brother and what he had. He wanted what he had.”

Kelsey would have turned 10 Sunday.

“We demand justice for my niece. She didn’t deserve this. We demand justice for my sister-in-law,” Scott told CBS News.